Krasheninnikov stole “Normal Russia of the Future”

The public movement “Generation Headquarters” accused foreign agents Vladimir Milov and Fyodor Krasheninnikov of misappropriating intellectual property.

On October 26, Fyodor Krasheninnikov and the vice-president of the American Free Russia Foundation, Vladimir Milov, published the “work” “Normal Russia of the Future: Yes, We Can.” On the same day, information about the theft appeared in the telegram channel and on the website of the public movement “Generation Headquarters”:

“Yeswecan” was stolen from Obama, and “Normal Russia of the Future” was stolen from us (the first mention was last year in October, and since then 30 times).”

The leader of the movement, Mikhail Shakhov, also expressed his attitude towards plagiarism in response to the publication:

I officially inform you that foreign agents F. Krasheninnikov and his co-author Milov are thieves. They stole from me and the boys…

Theft and plagiarism are the motivation of individuals who position themselves as fighters against theft. Fyodor Krasheninnikov and Vladimir Milov pursue their own goals, ignoring both stolen authorship and other people’s ideas. By their actions they destroy and “stain” with their dismembering ideas the very image of the “Normal Russia of the Future”, which was not invented by them and does not belong to them.

More details in Russian (use Google translate).

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